I am at the stage of life where I’ve had a couple of jobs (I’m Jamaican) so I’m able to share a few of the things I’ve learned over the years. One of those things is how to dress for a job interview or how to dress professionally overall. There are so many types of jobs available and people are no longer limited to more corporate disciplines . With that being said, there is still a certain way to put yourself together when you have been invited to do an interview.

How to Dress for Your First Job Interview

Assuming this is your first interview, it is always good to research the company to know what you will be getting into and see if you are able to find photos of people who work at the establishment. This will be an indication of how you should dress and how you should put yourself together for the interview. Let’s back things up a bit to when you were in your 3rd year of University or College, this is when you should be looking for jobs and hopefully interning and you should invest in a few pieces. I know during this stage the last thing on your mind is finding a job but more going to the hottest parties before final year. Try to buy a few button down shirts, skirts, pants and even shoes so when you are out of school, you are ready to take on the world of work!

Groom Hair Properly : Always ensure hair is groomed properly and it is neatly styled and combed. There are those times when you might be called in for an interview during a bad hair day or week. In this instance if you have a friend or family member or even the funds to get it done professionally, do so as first impressions are lasting. Bring a brush or comb in your bag so you can ensure things are in check before you head into the interview.

Check your Body Odour: I know this is very random, but, you will be facing people so ensure that you smell good. Ensure that you bathed, used deodorant, lotion and perfume that is lightly scented. Ensure your teeth are brushed and there are no visible food particles in your mouth and if you suffer from any oral health disease like halitosis, use mouthwash to ensure your breath is fresh and won’t knock anybody out when you start speaking. If you took public transportation and is sweaty, be sure to have a small rag or handkershief handy to wipe sweat away.

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Less is More with Makeup: Stay away from those long fluffy lashes as they will be a huge distraction. As it relates to foundation, if you have never worn one that matches your complexion, let the interview be the day you do so. If you wear a white top, use clear tape around the collar to minimise transfer! Opt for natural tones for eyeshadows like browns, golds and even plum tones – remember it’s an interview so you want to look as natural as possible. If it is a creative job, by all means, feel free to express yourself but be sure that the shades go well together and not work against each other.

Choose the right garments: As it relates to what you wear, make sure skirts are not too short, tight, see through or prints are noisy. Too often people (especially women) show up in garments that are too short or tight and end up looking like they are going to a party. There is a time and place for those outfits, just not an interview. Along with outfits, your heels should be between 2 1/2 – 3 ” high, leave the stilettos for a girls night out or a date. Please stay away from flip flops or any shoes that will drag on the floor when you walk, it looks super tacky and unprofessional.

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Be on Time: Oh my goodness! You were called into an interview, which means you are being considered for a job. Be considerate and be on time.  A rule of thumb is to show up 15 minutes before the interview, then head in when it’s 10 minutes to the time. You want to be on time, but you don’t want to look desperate. 

I hope that these tips will give you some pointers on how to dress for an interview and show up as your best self. First impressions are lasting and If you’ve never cared about your appearance, a job interview is a great time to start. Be on the lookout for more articles in this series that has to do with jobs and interviews. We here at Haute People are always trying to help our readers. 

Let us know in the comments the types of jobs you will be interviewing for.

#How to Dress for Your First Job Interview

#How to Dress for Your First Job Interview

#How to Dress for Your First Job Interview

#How to Dress for Your First Job Interview

#How to Dress for Your First Job Interview